David Cameron In India: going green in a delhi tuk-tuk

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

going green in a delhi tuk-tuk

Arrived in Delhi late last night and it's been a hectic day, and another late night.

This morning we went to meet students at the Indian Institute of Technology, I had a meeting and lunch with the Prime Minister, meetings with other political leaders including Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul - who's now a politician in his own right - then a visit to see the amazing new Delhi Metro system, and dinner with business and political leaders at the British High Commission.

With the government seeming to be in meltdown back home, the BBC and ITN wanted a quote from me so we had a fairly ridiculous time driving round trying to meet up with their film crews in the dark in the middle of Delhi. We found each other in the end so I hope they got what they needed for the evening news...and if there's time later on we might upload some video of me talking about Blair and Brown the other day in the car.

But have a look at this clip from today, it's a great example of going green, and will surprise anyone who thinks that it's only places like California that are leading the green revolution.